Document Checklist to Carry

Documents Printouts, Carry to canada –

  • Letter of Introduction
  • University acceptance letter- all pages
  • CAQ Approval letter (Montreal)
  • Stamped Passport
  • Medicals
  • GIC Certificate
  • Prescription for medicines
  • Receipt of Currency Exchange
  • Tuition Fee Payment Receipt
  • GIC Cert (Investment Advice Letter)
  • IELTS Card
  • Accueil Plus Confirmation
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • COWIN Cert
  • CIBC Welcome Letter
  • Printout of Class Schedule

Optional Documents (Printouts or Direct HardCopy) –

  • All academic docs from 10th standard
  • GIC’s A2 Form
  • Resumé Copies
  • Affidavits (Submitted for Visa Process)
  • Identity Docs (Birth Cert etc.)
  • Biometric Validity
  • Cash currency exchange receipt
  • Unofficial Transcripts

Document checklist is the list of documents which you need to carry while you are travelling to Canada. Few extra documents may also be required according to riles and requirements.

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