Collect Important Documents

  1. Study Permit
  2. SIN Number
  3. GIC
  4. Student ID
  5. Health Insurance
  6. OPUS Card
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  1. How will you get your Study Permit?
    • You will get your study permit at the airport
    • You should have all the documents, while applying for Visa in your home country
  2. Process for Collecting SIN
    • SIN – Document used for employment in Canada
    • To obtain the SIN Number you can either book an appointment at Service Canada website or just Walk-In at their centre
      • PRO TIP: The best time to visit their centre is in betweem 9 am to 11 am, as the waiting time is less during the morning hours!
    • Documents required for SIN are:
      • Passport
      • Study Permit
  3. Activate your GIC Account
    • Everybody needs funds, so activating your GIC Account should be the next step
    • For this you can book an appointment with your bank at their website
      • PRO TIP: As many international students are rushing in, it is recommended to book an appointment in your home country to get early bookings
    • Documents required for GIC are:
      • Passport
      • SIN Number
      • Study Permit
    • PRO TIP: Get 50$ on using the GIC referral
  4. Collect your Student ID Card
    • You can get Concordia Student ID in library
    • You just need your offer letter(Student ID number) and Passport
  5. Activate your Health Insurance
  6. OPUS Card
    • An OPUS card is a smart card used for travelling which you can recharge at all metro stations. You can get details on how to get an OPUS Card here.

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